Four Sleeps Until the Show!

Winter Concert Update!

We just finished a run-through of the whole show and it is coming together well!  They will melt your hearts even if winter is not your favorite season!

Doors will open at 12:45 (1:30 show) and 6:15 (7:00 show). Admission is a suggested $2 for adults to help offset the costs of the rental.

Students will be walking to the 1:30 show and will leave the school promptly at 12:30. Please ensure they have the necessary clothing and footwear for that day.  Chuka Drive has some construction so Constable Andree and a colleague will escort us for our walk.  

Students should arrive by 6:30 for the evening performance. Please come early to participate in the SCC’s silent auction! The auction will close at 7:00 and winning bids will be contacted the following day. Please pick up your item at the school office and/or send payment with your child (cash or cheque) and we will give your item to your child for delivery.

Children are encouraged to bring indoor shoes for the performances and a plastic bag to store their boots while at the church.

We will not be printing programs so here is the plan for the evening:

Ecole Wascana Plains School Presents…


Welcome Winter – Bonjour l’hiver

Mme Fraser’s 1’s

Mme McMullen’s K’s

The Science of Snow – It Comes Out Snow

Mrs. Brown’s 4’s

Ms. Kadler’s 4/5’s

Looking at Frost Patterns – Snowflake Reel

Mme Ramage’s 5/6’s

The Storm is Coming – Bonhomme de neige

Mme Baranga’s 1’s

Baking with Family – Ginberbread Song

Mrs. Pechey’s Kinders

Ice cream and Fisherman – Frosty Bucket

Mrs. Crawford’s 6’s

Deliver Mail – Winter Wonderland

Ms. McKenzie’s 3’s

Mrs. Georgacacos 2/3’s

Snow Reflection – On écrit sur les murs

Mme Youck’s 7/8’s

Mme Ramage’s 5/6’s

Falling Snow - Little Snowflake

Ms. Fraser’s 1/2’s

Mrs. Vargo’s 1’s

Snowman Dance Battle

Mrs. Reoch

Saskatchewan Weather - Silver Birch

Mme Kerr

Whole Cast  - Don’t Let the Snow Stop