Save the Date!

All families are invited to join us for our Celebration of Learning on Thursday, March 19th from 8:45 - 4:30.  Please drop in when it is convenient for your family.  Students in Kindergarten A will be given an alternate date by their teacher.  

The We Act Team Needs Your Help!

The We Act Team at Ecole Wascana Plains is working on a project for January to help the Humane Society by making toys for the homeless cats and dogs that live in the shelter.  This project is called Operation Happy Socks. For this project, we are going to make toys out of socks:  catnip toys for the cats and tennis ball toys for the dogs. This operation will take place during the whole month of January.  

In order to help us with this project, we are asking our Bison families to please donate any old, mismatched socks, towels, tennis balls or catnip.  There will be a donation box by Mrs. Rostad’s office to collect these items.  Please bring them to school as soon as you are able.