We're Getting Ready!

Good afternoon Wascana Plains Bison Families!

I hope you are enjoying a restful summer and remain healthy.  What a reality we are currently living. 

You will be receiving a more detailed information package next week but I wanted to share a few items now so you can start preparing for our return. I also want to encourage you to check our website (wascanaplains.rbe.sk.ca) and Twitter feed (@WascanaPlains) for the most current information as things are literally changing every few days. The local news is also a good place to check for updates. 

Our school did receive 4 more portables this summer and they will be ready on time. However, with an expected population of 840 the average class will have 27 students. Students will be seated in pairs, facing forward, but we will not be able to maintain a 2 metre distance between students. Students in grades 4-8 and all staff will therefore wear masks (please purchase more than one) and students in grades K-3 will be encouraged to do so as well. Pairs of students will also share lockers (K-4) but only for coats and shoes. Backpacks will be placed on the back of student chairs so they have everything they need close by. 

Students will remain in their classroom groups – or cohorts – for the day. Specialist teachers, learning resource teachers, administration, educational assistants, etc., will interact with the cohort in their space to avoid having the students move about. Students will also eat in their room with the same cohort. We encourage as many students as possible to go home for lunch. The library and gym will be closed to start the year.

Students will not work in the hallways or breakout rooms as we are accustomed to doing. All soft and supplementary furniture has been stored to allow our facility staff the time to do a thorough cleaning every night and reduce the temptation to mix groups. 

We are increasing from 2 boot rooms to 6 entry/exit points. Students will meet their teachers in designated spots on the playground and be dismissed from the same location. Parents will not be allowed on the playground during school hours. Students with primary children are encouraged to start practicing now where you will meet your child at the end of the day if walking.  

Recesses have been moved in order to limit the coming and going from classrooms but will be used primarily to stagger entering and exiting the building.  Our new hours are:

8:45-9:00 – Morning recess

9:00 – 11:45 – Morning classes

11:45 – 12:45 – Lunch and 1 recess (staggered)

12:45 – 3:14 – Afternoon classes

3:14 – 3:29 – Afternoon recess

We ask that students not coming by bus come as close to 9 as possible to avoid overcrowding. The same applies at 3:14. Students who have their parents’ permission will be free to make their way home rather than stay for recess. 

Students transported by bus will receive their schedules from the Regina Catholic Schools transportation office as we share busing with St. Elizabeth. Masks will be mandatory for all students riding the bus.   

You will be contacted by your classroom teacher prior to the beginning of school as we can not host a Bring Your Backpack Night this year. 

They will introduce themselves, share the routine for day 1, and answer questions.

If you are interested in remote learning please go to https://www.reginapublicschools.ca/eschoolThis is not the same as the supplemental learning we provided in March-June but rather the full curriculum with on-going assessment.  Once we know how many students or families opt for remote learning we will finalize classroom lists and you will be notified of your homeroom teacher. 

Much more information to come but wanted to give you an initial picture so you can decide what is best for your child this fall.  As before, we commit ourselves to making Wascana Plains a great place to be and learn but will need your help and patience.

Hello to all our wonderful student bisons!

Take care,


(This letter was sent out to all emails currently on file for a student's two primary contacts through a massive distribution list. Please check your spam folder if you did not receive it.)