Looking Forward to Meeting You!

1.  Online conference scheduling starts tomorrow (October 30th). A letter explaining what to do can be found HERE. If you do not have Internet access please phone the school and Mrs. Rostad or Mrs. Caldwell can help you schedule your conferences. After the online conferencing closes (November 11th) we will schedule any families who did not book through the online service.  

2.  On November 14th (Kindergarten B only) and 15th (everyone else) we will have our Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences. St. Elizabeth will have a regular school day so please do not park in the bus parking lanes. We also ask that you remove your shoes but do not leave them at the front door as this creates a tripping hazard.  Please ask your child to take you to their boot room where you can leave your shoes.  

While visiting please stop by our United Way table and buy raffle tickets to support our city's Summer Success Camps. Our staff have donated a variety of items and created 6 wonderful prize baskets. Together we can raise funds to help Regina students who need extra supports in reading during the summer months.

Your Ecole Wascana Plains SCC is also holding a Book Drive during the upcoming Parent- Teacher-Student Conferences. Please donate any new or gently used books to the school so that they can be used to augment the School Library or Classroom Libraries. SCC members will be onsite during conferences to accept any donations.

3.  Halloween is only 2 sleeps away!  Students are welcome to wear costumes and everyone will participate in a school dance.  We are asking for a toonie donation per child, again to raise money for United Way's Summer Success Camps. Our school has been challenged by Hawrylak to see which student group can raise the most. Winners get to dress the other school's admin team in school colors....and I have a bison hat I would love to place on their principal's head for the day!

4.  Traffic remains an issue and this winter weather has increased our concerns. Please avoid u-turns or jaywalking as these practices result in near misses. There is a small parent traffic group that continues to meet and you are welcome to join!  Next meeting is tomorrow (Wednesday) at 7:30 at Brewed Awakening.  You can also contact Anusha at anusha.mithal@gmail.com if you have ideas or solutions. As always, if you have serious concerns please contact city police.